The TAG Heuer Link Collection – sporty elegance

Since the beginning the naming of TAG Heuer captivates with cool pragmatism. Monaco, Carrera, Formula 1 – model names like this awake associations with racing sports immediately and don´t leave any doubt for what purposes this watches are made. Of course the TAG Heuer Link Collection does not make an exception at this point. As link between modern times and past the TAG Heuer Link is a successful reminiscence to the S/EL model series. This series has been continually produced from the middle of the 80s and is characterized as perfect symbiosis between sportiness (S) and elegance. If you are going to buy a TAG Heuer Link, you can find attractive TAG Heuer Link offers at MIQUEL WATCHES at any time. MIQUEL WATCHES does not only guarantee a top service but also a sensational TAG Heuer Link price.

TAG Heuer Link: The legacy of the 80ies

The legendary S/EL-Collection has been built until the turn of the millennium and was one of the most popular collections of TAG Heuer without any doubt. With the TAG Heuer Link Collection this proud legacy got modernized and brought into the 21st century carefully without losing the strange DNA of this extraordinary watches. Instead of eccentric drafts the TAG Heuer Link Collection today points with remarkable watches located in different genres. The designs are still in the middle between sportiness and elegance perfectly. As signature for this collection the tricky bracelet with its s-shaped double chain links.


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