Q: Mr. Miquel, why can I order a watch with peace of mind and be sure, that I will get it after my payment?

A: For that question there are even several calming answers that can be proofed as well:

Our jewelry store is placed in Teuschnitz - a typically provincial german town - not far away from the local church. Here everyone knows almost everyone, which means shady dealings would make the rounds very quickly and so we couldn't have made it successful for 17 years. Even our bank-transfer data hasn't changed in all the years, what besides other cachets is a clear attribute for a seasoned and reputable company. Ask any banker, he will agree.

Did You ever try to phone us? If not, just do it. During our business hours, we are allways accessible for You (assuming not all our lines are busy). You will not talk to a no-name then, but with myself or one of my capable employees, each named and pictured on this webside. Compared with some competitors, reachability and the knowledge of whom to personally communicate seems no matter of course in our branche. But with us it is!

But not only via phone - all our mails are answered almost immediately. Our customers cherish that service since many years now, because they know, Miquel allways quickly replies feedback via mail or phone. That builds trust and we are proud of that!

Oh yes - easy told, but true? Yes, You can check these facts in many watches portals all around the world. Get in contact with some of the writers there and ask about their experiences with our company. We are happy for the possibility to be >>googled<<, because we are not afraid to be judged and compared with our worldwide competitors.

Even for my employees I feel a great responsibility. They have families and so need save jobs. No way to risk that by some unserious actions. That is why my employees and me always act like You'd expect: honestly and fair.

Q: O.K., sounds fine, but what if the watch gets lost during shipping?

A: After having payed You can relieved look forward to the delivery. Your order is secured to the full amount during shipping through us.

Q: How can I be sure that my desired watch is no fake?

A: Good question, the web holds many offers of luxury watches, but there are many black sheep amongst the online merchants for high-value watches!

We have 18 years of business experience in luxury and collectable watches. Each watch is getting tested for authenticity and origin before we purchase it. Self-evidently not only the outer and more obvious parts, but also the clockwork are examined. We do not sell a clock right back on, because the watch has to pass some tests and -if it's a used item- even a professional service. Only after that procedure the watch gets offered with our good name! By the way: MIQUEL is a registered trademark, because some competitors misused our quality-proven name for their promotional aims.

Q: But I could come to your store to get a view onto the watch before, right?

A: That's fine by us! Gladly we fix a date with You for admiring your desired watch first. This then is even a chance for You to have a look on many other luxury watches which may catch your interest. There can be some talk shop and we could present our continuative services around watches to You. As already said, we'd love to!

Q: Do you just sell the watch or can I have some more service after the sale is done?

A: Goes without saying. We gladly share our professional knowledge of repairing and long-term maintenance of value on your fine timepieces. The horologists that work for us have long-time experience in that on all watches brands. We always try to keep the costs for our customers as low as possible and to achieve the best value-for-money solutions!

Q: Fine, sounds very comforting, but what if a case of warranty takes place?

A: We grant warranty for two years from on delivery of unworn watches. For used watches it's one year from time of delivery on. The claims are in fact bound to the applicable laws. Our all-time aim is to remove deprivations with full satisfaction for our customers.

Q: Sorry, Mr. Miquel, but I have to ask this, where does your last name come from? You truly sound Franconian on the phone, your name lets not expect this.

A: Indeed I've been born and raised in Upper Franconia and even never wanted to live elsewhere, what my undoubtedly Franconian accent also shows. The Name >>Miquel<< in my case roots in southern France and comes from my grandpa. Stationed near Würzburg during the Second Worldwar he fell in love with a lokal german girl from Würzburg and they married. That's where it comes from. So, having a latin-sounding name does not realy detain me from being a true Franconian at all. 

Frank Miquel
It goes without saying that anyone ordering a high-quality product from an online shop needs to able to place absolute trust in the operator of the website. Hence, you may rest assured - my long-standing employees and myself are happy to be at your disposal - by email, telephone or on site in our premises. My team is readily available to our customers at all stages of a purchase, prior and especially also after a purchase. Please do not hesitate to ask us and get all your questions answered before placing an order. We have been looking forward to serving our customers this way for almost 30 years.
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