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IWC watch purchase– selling to the best price

In the Who’s Who of the swiss watch makers, IWC (International Watch Company) is one of the most popular. And that is not really spectacular. Since the 19th century, the noble manufactory of Schaffhausen is the metaphor for complicated luxury watches at highest quality. This is to recognize with the prices of the used IWC watches: they are on a very high level since decades, which makes the IWC purchase to a profitable business. If you want to sell your IWC watch, you should definitely trust into an expert like MIQUEL WATCHES. At MIQUEL WATCHES your IWC timepiece gets valued fair and transparently – and for a collectable example you will of course get the IWC best price.

IWC watch purchase at MIQUEL WATCHES

Who wants to sell an IWC watch, will get professional service at MIQUEL WATCHES. Thanks to our immense expertise in the subject of used luxury timepieces, we are able to give you fast, reliable and realistic purchase price for your IWC. For that, you will of course earn this expertise for free. You as a seller will not have any liabilities. We likely take your watch as trade-in and advise you with the purchase of your new luxury timepiece from our assortment. Good conditions and a business conduct are the strength which allows us for 25 years now to satisfy our customers.

IWC watch purchase with the purchase form

At MIQUEL WATCHES the watch purchase works thinkable easy. If it is not possible for you to get your timepiece valued in our local store, you can of course use our professional purchase form. As soon as we get the description of your watch, you will get an offer from us quickly. We also can get your watch picked-up from a currier, if you will like to. The purchase price will be paid afterwards via bank transfer.

The online luxury watches purchase – this is how it works:

If you have decided to get your used or new IWC watch purchased, you prepare at UHREN MIQUEL with filling in the online form. In this form all worth data to your IWC watch are needed. In addition to these data you can add some pictures of your IWC Aquatimer, or the model you want to get purchased.

Next, you will get an email with the value of your IWC watch. If this offer is okay to you, a very fast and competent completion of the purchase of your IWC watch will follow.

Now you can decide between three different options to get your watch to UHREN MIQUEL:

      • You decide to visit our local store
      • You choose the insured shipping
      • You tell us your desired date when you want to get picked up your watch at your house to be shipped insured to us

      As soon as we got your watch in our house, we compare the data of your watch with the ones you told us in the online form. We check the clock work and equally look for some cosmetically abnormalities, like scratches or similar. .

      If your given information in the filled in online form are similar with the actual condition of your IWC watch, we will write a purchase receipt, which you will get immediately per email.

      Now you just have to signature the purchase receipt and send it back to us. After receiving the receipt you will get a fast transfer of the agreed sum to your bank account.

      In very rare cases a purchase of the luxury watch does not occurrence – but even that is not a problem. Our prestigious house sends you your IWC watch back, of course we pay the insured shipping for you in this very rare case..


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