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The resistant, italian watches usually had to show the navy the time, where they had to work at every light ratio. That is exactly the cause why the U-Boat watches are a faithful companion at any actions of your surrounding and they do have with their unusual appearance a great recognition. Especially the grand masculine U-Boat watches catch the eye. Moreover, U-Boat watches are produced with high quality and finest materials. You can buy these luxury watches to best conditions at Uhren Miquel.

The history of U-Boat watches

Already in 1942, watches should be produced for the italian navy which withstand their conditions by the watch workshop Fontana. But more than some sketches and designs weren’t done, so there was not any production of these navy watches. Years later, in 2000, the grandchild found the plans of his grandfather and decided to let produce the watches under the brand “U-Boat”. You can identify the watches of the brand “U-Boat” by their oversize and their straight, simple look design. Even the dials are minimized to the important things, without any frills. That is why they are an eye catcher on your wrist.The U-Boat watches do also convince with their functions. For their manufacturing only precision movements are used. You have got the decision: hand winding or automatic, if you decide to get yourself a big, conspicuous U-Boat watch, which has a stainless steel case. Also today the U-Boat watches are manufactured in Italy by hand with exact accuracy. All these characteristics describe the valence of U-Boat wristwatches.

Buying U-Boat watches to fair prices at Uhren Miquel

If you are interested in a good value U-Boat watch, which stand out on your wrist by its design and size, write us an E-Mail, call us or come to our shop in Bavaria/Germany. With our long-standing know-how we can offer you an excellent advice. With it, we can answer your questions about the excellent U-Boat watches, which you can buy online or on site in our shop. In our U-Boat watch category at our website, you can find various models, which convince with their good price-performance-ratio and satisfy the unique, special expression of the U-Boat watches.

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