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When the New York company Gruen Watch Company launched the first wristwatch for men in the beginning of the 20th century, there was little success. Wristwatches were not good accpeted and frowned upon as fasion accessoiry which were only made for women these time. To that time men had noble pocket watches. And even if Cartier established successfully the mens‘ wristwatches with its model Santos, the poupularity of pocket watches were unbroken. Equally in the 21th century, noble pocket watches are still very popular. Regularly record proceeds are gained with the IWC pocket watch purchase. If you also want to sell your IWC pocket watch, you should definitely trust in a reliable partner like MIQUEL WATCHES. With the help of MIQUEL WATCHES you will easily reach the best price for your pocket watch.

IWC pocket watch purchase at MIQUEL WATCHES

We from MIQUEL WATCHES of course know the special appeal which is with the pocket watches of the brand IWC. As international reference in the purchase of luxury watches of every known brand we have an incomparable expertise in this subject. This allows us to rate your used IWC pocket watch fast and reliable. If you want to sell your IWC pocket watch, you are definitely right at MIQUEL WATCHES. At MIQUEL WATCHES, the price finding is always fair and transparent. With that, our excellent reputation is YOUR guarantee for a comfortable and uncomplicated selling.

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At MIQUEL WATCHES the IWC pocket watch purchase is really easy: you can let rate your watch in our local store or you use the professional purchase form online. Our purchase form offers you the option to get an offer for your watch with comparing less effort. As soon as we got the detailed description of your timepiece, you will get a reliable purchase offer. Of course, it is also possible to letting pick-up your watch at home with a currier wh8ich will bring it insured to us. The price will be paid with bank transfer afterwards.

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