Dispatch conditions:

Shipping and handling within Germany:

With orders up to 300.00€:
Insured shipping and handling 3.90€

With orders  form 300.00€ up to 1,000.00€:
Insured shipping and handling 8.00€

With orders  from 1,000.00€ up to 2,500.00€: 
Insured shipping 14.00 €
Insured express shipping 19.00€

With orders from 2,500.00€ up to 8,000.00€: 
Insured shipping is 22.00 €
Insured express shipping 27.00€

With orders from 8,000.00€ up to 25,000.00€: 
Insured shipping 25.00 €
Insured express shipping 33.00€.

Shipping and handling within the EU:

With orders up to 500.00€: 
Insured shipping 19.00 €
Insured express shipping 39.00€.

With orders from 500.00€ up to 2,500.00€: 
Insured shipping 24.00 €
Insured express shipping 44.00€.

With orders from 2,500.00€ up to 8,000.00€: 
Insured shipping is 35.00 €
Insured express shipping 55.00€.

With orders from 8,000.00€ up to 25,000.00€: 
Insured shipping 59.00 €
Insured express shipping 89.00€.


Shipping and handling outside the EU and to Switzerland:
With orders up to 1,000.00€: 
Insured shipping 39.00 € 

Insured express shipping 79.00€

With orders from 1,000.00€ up to 5,000.00€: 
Insured express shipping 89.00€.

With orders from 5,000.00€ up to 25,000.00€: 
Insured express shipping 99.00€.

Damage on transport:

We point out that we - the Miquel Schmuck & Uhren GmbH - are taking
the risk of sinking or damage of the goods during transport, in case the customer is
a consumer in terms of § 13 BGB (Federal Code of Law).

Customs and import duties for deliveries to countries outside the EU:

We would like to point out that deliveries to countries outside the European Union (third-party countries) could incur additional customs duties and/or taxes once the purchased goods reach the third-party country. These additional customs duties and/or taxes are for account of the Buyer. The Seller has no influence on these fees and, as customs regulations vary considerable from country to country, is also not able to not pre-determine their amount. We therefore recommend that the Buyer contacts the responsible customs office in the third-party country to obtain information on possible customs fees and/or local taxes.


Our opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 9.00 till 12.00 a.m. and from 2.00 to 5.00 p.m.
Wednesday- and Saturday-afternoon closed.
For reasons of security, it's inalienable to get in contact with us before, if you plan to choose or to pick up your new watch directly at our location in Teuschnitz.

Means of payment:

Self picking up: Cash or EC

By shipping: Prepayment by bank transfer, Credit card and PayPal

Frank Miquel
It goes without saying that anyone ordering a high-quality product from an online shop needs to able to place absolute trust in the operator of the website. Hence, you may rest assured - my long-standing employees and myself are happy to be at your disposal - by email, telephone or on site in our premises. My team is readily available to our customers at all stages of a purchase, prior and especially also after a purchase. Please do not hesitate to ask us and get all your questions answered before placing an order. We have been looking forward to serving our customers this way for almost 30 years.
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