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Purchase of Panerai watches – New and Used

Whereas since 15 years a Panerai watch was only known by insiders, it counts now to the most popular luxury watches. The fans of these luxury watches even have their own name and call themselves as Paneristi.

UHREN MIQUEL is specialized in the purchase of high-quality watches for collectors and watch-lovers for more than 20 years. Paneristi can here not only buy used Panerai watches – we equally offer the luxury watch purchase of new and used models. Since 1999 you can offer UHREN MIQUEL your watch for purchase in addition online.

Uhren-Miquel counts to the most reliable purchaser of luxury watches 

Maybe you are in the holding of a used men’s Panerai watch you would like to replace to another luxury watch? Or possibly a nice Panerai watch was given to you? A nobel Luminor 1950 for example, but your heart beats for another model – maybe a Luminor Marina Automatic?

Directly to the non-binding purchase form

UHREN MIQUEL helps you fastly and competently to solve this problem. We value your luxury watch fastly with the current purchase prices and you get an absolutely transparent offer which you can proof, take your time therefore.

This is applies to watches by the house of Officine Panerai, to these models count the Luminor series or the models Radiomir and Radiomir 1940, equally as for the other watches by other luxury watch makers e.g. Rolex, Breitling, Omega and many others.

A good reputation and a reliable base

Especially proud is UHREN MIQUEL for its excellent reputation in its industry. Without this excellent reputation, business in the luxury goods sector would never work that good. Since it is not about little sums in the luxury watch sector, an absolutely trust to your business partner is needed. UHREN MIQUEL is already since more than 20 years now known as one of the most reliable purchaser for luxury watches. For us, it is a matter of course to send you your Panerai watch insured and for free back, should the purchase eventually not come about.
You as a costumer do not only profit from our longstanding experience but also from our awareness.
To initiate the watch purchase, you have different options. You can come with your watch to our local shop or you decide to send the watch to us. In this case we can offer you that the watch will be picked up from your home with an insured shipping. Otherwise you can also send the watch for yourself insured to our house.
Independently for which option you chose, our trained and very experienced employees take care of your luxury watch as soon as they arrived at the house of UHREN MIQUEL.
If you decide to sell your watch at UHREN MIQUEL you equally profit from our longstanding experience and our excellent trained employees, as well as from our uncomplicated and fast service.

How the online luxury watch purchase works

To prepare your used or new Panerai watch for the purchase, you have to fill in the online form b< UHREN MIQUEL. You just fill in the data of your Panerai watch. Equally you have the option to add some pictures to the form. As soon as we got the data from you, you will get timely an answer per E-Mail with the value of you watch. If you are okay with the offer, the action of the purchase is done really fast and competent.
You decide how you want to give your luxury watch to UHREN MIQUEL. You have three options: 

      • You decide to visit us at our store and bring your Panerai with you.
      • You decide to send your Panerai insured to our house.
      • You tell us your desired day when it is possible for you to let pick up your Panerai at your home so it will us arrive insured
At our house, your watch will be compared with the data from the online form and examined. This contains the control of the Panerai clockwork and cosmetic abnormalities like scratches or similar.
If everything is okay, we write a purchase receipt which is immediately send to you per email.
The purchase receipt has to be signature by you and sent back to us. As soon as it arrives at our house, we do immediately a fast transfer of the agreed amount to your bank account.
Should the purchase occurrence, contrary to expectations, the Panerai will be send back to you paid by UHREN MIQUEL with insured shipping.

If you have any questions, please contact us: +49 9268/913864 or send us a message
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