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Panerai Luminor purchase – sell profitable

The florentine traditional brand Panerai can look back to an uncomparable history: as the offical outfitter of the combat swimmer of the Italian marine, they gained very early a good reputation. I the same time they were one of the most important innovation driver in the subject of waterresistant watches. Panerai therefore soon enjoyed the highest reputation in specialist circles. The international breakthrough was a long time coming. Finally at the end of the 20th century, when the dream factory Hollywood became attentive to the timepieces, a real hype was following which holds on until today. Not at least caused to that profitable prices are gained with the Panerai Luminr purchase. Who wants to sell its Panerai Luminor, should not nothing be left to chance, but should trust in to a reliable partner like MIQUEL WATCHES.

Panerai Luminor purchase at MIQUEL WATCHES

At MIQUEL WATCHES the Panerai Luminor purchase is thinkable easy: our experts determine fast and reliable the current market price for your watch. For special asked or collectable models we of course pay the Panerai Luminor best price. Thereby, the price finding is always reliable and transparent. Our excellent reputation is YOUR individual guarantee for a pleasant deal. If you want to sell your Panerai Luminor, you are definitely right at MIQUEL WATCHES. With our help, the Panerai Lumior best price gets reachable for you.

Panerai Luminor purchase with the purchase form of MIQUEL WATCHES

If you should not have the chance to get your watch valued in our local store, the Panerai Luminor purchase can though work. Thanks to our professional purchase form you can easily organize the selling of your noble watch from home. As soon as we have the detailed description of your watch, our experts will give you an offer really quickly. But our excellent service allows you in addition to get your watch picked-up from your home. When it reaches our local store the price will be paid fast by us via bank wire.

This is how the online luxury watch purchase works

The first step preparing your watch for selling is to fill in the online form of UHREN MIQUEL. Just fill in the data of your Rolex watch. Up to you, you can add some photos of your watch, this will speed up the evaluation process.

As soon as your data arrive us, we give our best to write you an email with a non-binding offer as fast as possible. If you like our offer, an even fast as easy purchase of your Rolex watch is following.

How you let come your Rolex to us, you can decide for yourself. You have three options to do so:

      • You decide to visit us at our store and bring your Rolex with you.
      • You decide to send your Rolex insured to our house.
      • You tell us your desired day when it is possible for you to let pick up your Rolex at your home so it will us arrive insured

      At UHREN MIQUEL the data if the Rolex will be compared with the ones you filled in the online purchase form. For example, we check the Rolex watch clockwork functionality but also the cosmetic abnormalities, like scratches and similar. If we are ready regarding your watch, we write a purchase receipt immediately, which we send you via email.

      You just have to sign this receipt and send it back to us. Immediately after receiving your signed purchase receipt we send you a fast-transfer with the agreed sum to your bank account.

      In very rare cases it could be that a purchase does not come about, of course we will send you back your Rolex watch insured and for free.

      If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us: +49 9268 / 91 38 64 or leave us a message on

      Alternatively, you can use our non-binding purchase form to contact us.

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