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Seiko Sportura Chronograph - 27,84% saved ! *

The history of the watch brand Seiko

With their origin in Tokio since seir founding in 1881, Seiko was at the beginning a selling-& repairshop for used watches, which follows a founding of a clock factory. Since the year 1913 they also manufactured wristwatches. 1955 Seiko launched their first automatic wristwatch. The watchbrand Seiko could take the first place in the appreciation at the Genevan watch competition in 1968. One year later, Seiko launched the first quartz watch of the world. Meanwhile there is a planty of Seiko wristwatches with quartz and automaticmovements, which you can also buy online. With it, you can find used, but also unworn and new bargains to cheap prices.

Grand Seiko watches

The founding of the Grand Seiko luxury watches in 1960 had the development of a perfect watch as its goal. For that they had to set the basics: reliability and precision, thus the Grand Seiko wristwatches lie the international Chronometer-standards. Only with (further) development of a diversity of technologies and skills, the set basics could be reached and even exceeded. In spite of the many new innovations and progeressive technologies Grand Seiko remains always faithful to itself and to the type of its wristwatches. Especially conspicious are the sophisticated and simple ideal of the Grand Seiko watches.

Seiko watches at Uhren Miquel

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