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Jaeger LeCoultre watch purchase

Selling a luxury watch, for example a Jaeger LeCoultre, besides a fair purchase price also trust to your business partner has to be given. Regarding the trust, reachability, seriousness, customer reputation and years of experience are a serious role. With all that points, Uhren Miquel will do very well. In the end, we are existing since nearly 25 years, over this time period we have collected many positive customer reputations. We maintain them caused by our always fair and reliable offers which we offer our customers when they want to sell us their luxury watch. We are available on the telephone, per email and local in our store, long waiting times for answers will fail at us. In addition, a fast payout is important for us. We are interested in nearly every model by Jaeger LeCoultre. Offer us your Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso or your Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea. A special eye catcher is an Atmos in every house. It shows style and elegance and catches every eye in every living room. A watch which is especially pleasant to wear under shirts is the Jaeger LeCoultre Ultra Thin. The models Master Control or Master Compressor take more care of the details in the round case. A watch, which is made for the everyday life of a man is the Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris. She brings all the functions with it which are needed every day. Watch lovers, who adore the complications, may like the Duomètre Quantième. As a last example the model series Rendez-vous by Jaeger LeCoultre should be told. Since other models concentrate on the technique, the Rendez-vous focuses on the elegance and the beauty of a time piece, a luxury watch on the wrist of its owner. There are many varieties of Jaeger LeCoultre watches, just offer us yours.


Selling luxury watches

Besides many other luxury watch brands you can also sell Jaeger LeCoultre watches to us. You not have to do a commission business with us, you get immediately after the arriving of your watch the agreed purchase price. Therefore you are on the safe side and can immediately handle with the money. Our completion is very easy. When you want to sell us a Jaeger LeCoultre watch, or even a luxury watch by another brand, send us a snapshot and the data of your watch per email. We get in contact with you very shortly with our offer. You can equally send us the watch with the post. After regarding and checking the watch shortly we can pay the money to you. Unless you want a trade-in. If you have found your dream watch in our multifarious sortiment and like to trade in your Jaeger LeCoultre into another model, even this is possible at Uhren Miquel. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad if you do!

Glashütte Original Seventies verkaufen – einfach und blitzschnell an UHREN MIQUEL

Die Glashütte Original Seventies Linie wird mit einem eckigen Gehäuse mit runden, dynamischen Linien („Kissenform“) und – wie auch schon die Sixties Reihe – teilweise mit echten Knallfarben angeboten. Hier konnte man ebenfalls schon klassisch-elegante Drei-Zeiger-Uhren kaufen, aber eben auch beispielsweise die Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Panoramadatum in auffälligem, mattem „Disco Blue“. So ein Zeitmesser mit Retro-Charme und top modernen Funktionen, wie Gangreserveanzeige, Panoramadatum und Chronographen-Komplikation mit Flyback, Stoppsekunde, 30-Minuten-Anzeige und numerischer 12-Stunden-Anzeige ist für UHREN MIQUEL als etablierten Uhrenankäufer immer interessant für eine Inzahlungnahme oder einen Ankauf. Falls Sie also eine Glashütte Original Seventies verkaufen möchten, wenden Sie sich an unsere kompetenten MitarbeiterInnen. Der Ankauf einer Luxusuhr funktioniert einfach online oder auch offline – wie es für Sie besser passt. Aber welchen Weg Sie auch wählen: Der Ablauf ist simpel, fair, vertrauensvoll und blitzschnell. Bei UHREN MIQUEL müssen Sie Ihre Armbanduhr nicht in Kommission geben, sondern erhalten sofort Ihren vollen Ankauf-Preis. Überzeugen Sie sich gerne selbst!


This is how the online luxury purchase works


To prepare the selling of your used or new Jaeger LeCoultre watch, please fill in the online form of the watch purchase at UHREN MIQUEL. There the data of your Jaeger LeCoultre watch is needed. You equally have the option to add photos to this form.

As soon as the data reached us, you will get a value per email shortly. If you are okay with our offer, the purchase of your Jaeger LeCoultre watch will happen really fast and competent

You decide how you want to give UHREN MIQUEL your luxury watch. You have three options at the Jaeger LeCoultre watch online purchase:

      • You decide to visit our local store.
      • You choose the insured shipping.
      • You tell us your desired date when you want to get picked up your watch at your house to be shipped insured to us.

      As soon as we got your watch in our house, we compare the data of your watch with the ones you told us in the online form. We check the clock work and equally look for some cosmetically abnormalities, like scratches or similar.

      If your given information in the filled in online form are similar with the actual condition of your Jaeger LeCoultre watch, we will write a purchase receipt, which you will get immediately per email.

      Now you just have to signature the purchase receipt and send it back to us. After receiving the receipt you will get a fast transfer of the agreed sum to your bank account.

      In very rare cases a purchase of the luxury watch does not occurrence – but even that is not a problem. Our prestigious house sends you your Jaeger LeCoultre watch back, of course we pay the insured shipping for you in this very rare case.

      When you have any questions, please contact us +49 92 68/ 91 38 64 or just leave us a message on

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