Nice-to-know for mechanical watches

Watch winding

A mechanical watch (hand winding) needs about 30 turns of the crown to be in its full winding again. When a new hand winding is needed, depends on the power reserve of the watch.

Automatic watches are need to be hand winded when it wasn’t worn for some time. If it has been on the wrist continuously, its rotor functions as a self-winding instrument. Before you will wear it, wind it with 20 turns of the crown. Thereby you can avoid that the resilience of the quill won’t be enough for a constantly accuracy.

Adjusting the date

Please be sure to note the forbidden time zone when adjusting the date, for example using the fast adjustment of the date. The forbidden time zone is until 8pm until 2am. Between these hours you should not use the date fast adjustment since this can cause a defect in the gearwheel within the switching phase. To avoid the described action just turn the time manually out of the forbidden time zone and adjust the date afterwards. It’s useful to turn the date over 12 o’clock every time you want to adjust the date so you can see if the date skips to the next day. In addition, adjusting a time between 2am and 8pm allows to use the fast adjustment without any matter.

Water resistance

For a water resistant watch it is important to check the water resistance once a year. Since the water resistance is not a staying feature. The rubber of the seals get older, which can lead to the watch being not watertight anymore. In addition, it is very important to check the watches with a screwed crown that it is really closed before the watch comes on contact with water or humidity. Equally, you have to clean the watch with freshwater after being in contact with saltwater. Saltwater and other sharp liquids can inhibit the tensions on the seals. Should your watch be suitable for swimming, make sure that you don’t put your watch under water after enjoying a sunbath because a suddenly cooling can cause condensation and the watch to not being water tight anymore.

Exceptional costs

Watches are particularly under high pressure while doing sports. There can be caused damages in the clockwork because of the high centrifugal forces which are present by doing golf, mountain biking, down-hill, kick-boxing, karate, etc. We recommend you not to wear your watch while doing sports like the already named or similar.

Watches with leather straps

Since leather is a natural product the durability is not endless. Above all, sweat absorption caused by permanent wearing or in the summer affects the strap very much. The loops on the straps are often damaged by putting the strap in incautious.

Be sure to observe

Independently from the upper described recommendations, we will point out that the operating instructions of the manufacturer have to be observed as a matter of urgency and may vary from these.

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