Anonimo Nautilo Automatitc - 28,4% saved!*
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Anonimo Nautilo Automatitc - 28,4% saved!*
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Anonimo Militare Chrono - 30% saved ! *
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Anonimo Epurato Automatik - 25.8% gespart!*
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Anonimo Nautilo -Vintage Stil- Automatic - 25,1% saved*

Anonimo watches at Uhren Miquel

The Italian watch brand is just on the market for some years but since then, it has great popularity. The wristwatches in the luxury segment have high manufacturing-quality and since they have swiss clockworks they are loyal to its owner. The quality of these robust cases can be seen at a glance, but with a closer look you will see that the price-performance-ratio from Anonimo watches is good. Robust, good manufactured stainless steel or bronze watch cases and equally leather straps in high quality with special clasps will immediately catch your eye.The design of the Anonimo wristwatches is Italian like their origin. From classical wristwatches up to ones with modern style you will find a lot of luxury wristwatches by Anonimo.

Militare, Nautilo and Epurato by Anonimo

The Militare watches by Anonimo look like, the name let assume it, the military design. They were produced for the Italian marine divers of the armed forces in 2001. The use should be easy behind a special design. The dials were in decent colors like black, grey and blue. So also here the military-style was used.
The Nautilo watches by Anonimo can be identified by the position of their crowns. They are at 4 c’clock and have the typical features of a diver’s watch. With a case diameter of 44mm and a special waterresistance of sometimes 20atm, the watches are really wearable all-day and notably sportive because of the classical diver’s watch design. Above all, the luxury watch brands like to play with two-tone color design. The dials are black, blue or silver colored. In addition, Anonimo wristwatches have high-quality calvleather straps or proper designed caoutchouc straps.
A third collection of Anonimo watches has the name Epurato and is the newest collection by the italian brand. Here they used noble design for their production. Of course the valued and robust manufacturing has to be named, even it is the case with the Nautilo and Militare models. Inside, the Epurato watches have Swiss automatic clockworks. Another special is the size of the collection. These are the most little watches by Anonimo wristwatches but in the same time the most up-to-date models by the luxury watch brand.

Limited Anonimo watches

The Anonimo Limited Edition has wristwatches in limited Edition with nato-straps, textile straps, which are designed in heavy, fresh colors but even though in the classical way. At Uhren Miquel you can find Anonimo watches of the Limited Edition to cheap prices online.
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