Ball Engineer III Bronze Marvelight
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Ball Engineer III Bronze Marvelight

The very specific luxury watch

The Ball watch brand's slogan is "Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions".
Ball watches are made to brave most environmental influences encountered during wear. A real highlight of the many special features is the numerals and hands, that are highly luminous in the dark and differ depending on the particular Ball watch.
Here are just some of the quality features of the various Ball wristwatches:
Gas-filled micro gas tubes (H3), SpringLOCK® patented anti-shock system, A-PROOF® patented anti-magnetic system, Amortiser® patented anti-shock system, cold temperature endurance, patented helium system, patented folding buckle.
Simply make a personal visit to Miquel Watches to view our range of Ball watches. You are sure to find the right design for you that suitably emphasises your individuality, style and personality.

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