Atomic time in Germany, the primary clock

In order to set the wristwatch, the alarm clock or the kitchen clock, it is necessary to know the atomic time. Uhren Miquel offers you the possibility to set your watch online for free via the primary clock, atomic clock. Especially with watches, which have not a big deviation in a time, it is meaningful, to set them accurate to the second. For example quartz watches do not have a great deviation if they were exactly set. If you have many wristwatches or automatic wristwatches it is more often necessary to set the exact time. To avoid the effort of the troublesome research of the primary clock on the internet, we recommend saving the actual website with the atomic clock, moon phase and calendar weeks by Uhren Miquel. According to this, a quick access to this free, helpful website is possible.

Moon phase in Germany

Who owns a wristwatch with moon phase display and wants to set it, finds at Miquel a moon phase calendar online. To use the function of their display needs to set it ahead correctly. The easiest way is to set the watch with the crown to the last full moon, crescent or new moon and count the days from the chosen moon phase until today. The set of the moon phase should now be put forward to so many units as the number of the counted days. By this, the moon phase display is set correctly again.

 Moon phases 2024:

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