Rolex Submariner

A Rolex Submariner is the diving watch representative in the Rolex model collection. It addresses the target group of divers and the generally sports-minded watch wearer. The sporty design of the Rolex Submariner immediately catches the eye. Solid stainless steel, a simple dial, a rotating bezel with a scale as well as its size are the characteristic features of a diving watch. Nevertheless, the critical property of a diving watch is waterproofness. Rolex Submariner watches are waterproof up to 30atm in most cases. But a Rolex Submariner is not only ideal for use in water sports. A Rolex watch is great to wear in day-to-day life as well as for sport, particularly as a result of its robustness and the use of resilient materials. All the same, there is no reason not to wear your Rolex watch in the office. Although the design of the Rolex is sporty, it can be worn just as well with a business suit. A Rolex Submariner is therefore a watch which is fit for sport but can also be worn with a nice outfit. The Rolex watch brand also stands for high strength and excellent accuracy. As a result, a Rolex Submariner will be a sporty and faithful long-term companion with proper care and maintenance. You can view Rolex models online at Uhren Miquel and locally in our bricks-and-mortar shop and purchase a Rolex watch which is appropriate to your lifestyle at an affordable price.

Uhren Miquel as a partner during and after your Rolex purchase

Uhren Miquel is always personally available to you during the purchase of your watch. Our team will answer your questions individually and quickly, even if you send us an email with your questions about a Rolex Submariner or another watch, contact us by telephone or wish to come to our bricks-and-mortar shop in person. We have years of experience and the requisite knowledge, in order to be able to give you detailed and honest advice on the purchase of your luxury watch. If you should decide to purchase a watch at the attractive prices of Uhren Miquel, we will always be happy to be of service after the sale. We offer you the option of having your luxury watch maintained or reconditioned through our business. As usual, our service is also fast and reliable. Send us your pre-owned Rolex watch or drop by with the watch. We will attend to all the necessary processes for an expert service, so that you can have your watch back again to enjoy for a long time. You can also have a waterproof test according to DIN carried out through us to ensure that your Rolex Submariner or Rolex watch still complies with the specified waterproofness. We are therefore not only a reliable and trustworthy partner when the purchase of a luxury watch at an affordable price is concerned but also offer these qualities after customers have purchased their watch. The smooth purchase transaction means that they remember us in a positive light and entrust their collector's watch to our after-sales service.

Selling your Rolex Submariner, also possible without documents.

Even if you wish to resell your Rolex Submariner or another watch, Uhren Miquel is certainly worth a look. This is because we can also score points in this respect with our more than 20 years' experience and offer you a fair price. Don't be afraid to compare our offer with competitors, it's safe to say that we are a loyal and fair partner when it comes to purchasing watches. Furthermore, Uhren Miquel provides you with the option of part exchange. You can therefore offer your Rolex Submariner in part exchange for another luxury watch. Our watch purchase form is available online at our website and makes it easier for you to inquire about selling your pre-owned watch. Click here to go to our Rolex watch selling service:Rolex Selling Form .

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